PM CARES Fund approves setting up of 551 PSA oxygen generation plants nationwide

The PM CARES Fund has given in-principle approval for allocation of funds for installation of 551 dedicated Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generation Plants inside public health facilities in the country as part of the government’s efforts to boost availability of oxygen to hospitals. 

In line with the prime minister’s direction, these plants will be made functional as soon as possible. These plants will serve as a major boost to oxygen availability at the district level.
These dedicated plants will be established in identified government hospitals in district headquarters in various states/UTs. The procurement will be done through the ministry of health and family welfare.
The PM CARES Fund had, earlier this year, allocated Rs201.58 crore for installation of additional 162 dedicated Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generation Plants inside public health facilities in the country.
The basic aim behind establishing PSA Oxygen Generation Plants at government hospitals in the district headquarters is to further strengthen the public health system and ensure that each of these hospitals has a captive oxygen generation facility. Such an in-house captive oxygen generation facility would address the day-to-day medical oxygen needs of these hospitals and the district. In addition, the liquid medical oxygen (LMO) would serve as a “top up” to the captive oxygen generation. Such a system will go a long way in ensuring that government hospitals in the districts do not face sudden disruption of oxygen supplies and have access to adequate uninterrupted oxygen supply to manage the Covid-19 patients and other patients needing such support.
Ports waive charges: In view of the excessive requirement of oxygen and related equipment in the country, the Government  of India has directed all major ports, including the Kamarajar Port Limited, to waive-off all charges (including vessel related charges, storage charges etc) and accord highest priority in the berthing sequence to the vessels carrying consignments of Medical Grade Oxygen, Oxygen Tanks, Oxygen Bottles, Portable Oxygen Generators, Oxygen Concentrators etc,
Steel pipes for manufacturing oxygen cylinders and associated equipment will also be extended these concessions for the next three months, or until further orders.
In case the vessel is carrying other cargo/containers in addition to above said oxygen related cargo, waiver of charges on pro-rata basis, considering the overall cargo or containers handled at port, should be provided for oxygen related cargo to such vessels.
Ministry of ports, shipping and waterways will monitor the details of such vessels, cargo and time taken in the port from the time vessel entered in the port limits to exit of cargo from port gate.