NHS collapsing despite increased spending: BBC

Despite increased funding the NHS continues to slide downhill, the BBC reported.

The sheer scale of the National Health Service (NHS) could be gauged from the fact that it catered to 1 million patients every 24 hours. With 1.7 million staff it is the fifth-largest employer in the world.

Last year £140-billion was spent on health across the UK, which was over 10 times the figure that was ploughed in 60 years ago. Over the years, the service budget had had to be increased and today every 30pence out of every £1 was spent on health.

Yet, no matter how much was spent on the service, it still continued to fall woefully short of expectations.

A particularly worrying aspect of the crisis that has befallen service was the long delays that medically fit patients had to endure before they were discharged.

Almost three quarters of hospitals in England had patients wait for over 100 days to be discharged - even though they were medically fit to leave - new figures showed.

One patient who had been treated by Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust waited well over a year, an investigation revealed. The 62-year-old patient, had had to wait 449 days for discharge.

The social care system which is in deep crisis has abandoned the elderly in situations of fear and misery, charities warned last night.