New LifeHover App makes ambulance services fast and easy

Getting a patient to a hospital quickly in an emergency is a huge problem in a country like India. Now, LifeHover App has come up with a solution which sends ambulance from the nearest operator, or the closest ambulance available, to the patient's location in 10-15 minutes.

It is the fastest ambulance service to date, and moreover it provides flexibility to choose the hospital.

Such a reliable ambulance calling app is certainly the need of the hour. It is distinctly designed for patient transport, basic life support (BLS), advance life support (ALS) and mortuary. It aims to overcome the challenge of availing a good ambulance and thereafter, getting admitted the desired hospital.

"To date, we are not at par with World Health Organization's trauma care standards because the ambulances we have are dispatched from faraway locations. Time can save lives; it's high time we understand this," said co-founders of LifeHover App Prerit Mittal, Rajvot Singh Arora and Pranav Bajaj.

"It is as easy as booking a cab on your mobile phone. We don't want users to compromise in getting the ambulance in time for their loved ones. With this app you can get your specialised ambulance within minutes," added Prerit.

According to a bulletin of the World Health Organization, the likelihood of death after injury is up to six-fold greater in a low or middle-income country than in a high-income country due to delay in getting the patient to a hospital.

This disparity can be partially attributed to the relatively poor quality of trauma care in these countries - a problem often generated by poor levels of development, organization and planning and a scarcity of programmes for the improvement of trauma care. 

In the current Indian scenario, ambulances reach the location of emergency in about 30-45 minutes due to traffic congestion and distant location of the ambulance dispatching point. Most of the time, the duration of first aid lengthens to a fatal extent due to these factors, resulting in loss of life.