Care24 launches new initiative for New year's eve revellers

Sometimes, festivities festive bashes can take an unwanted turn. New Year parties are notorious for these incidents.

So, to make sure that revellers are covered in case alcohol gets the better of them, Mumbi-based home health care startup Care24 is piloting a service where an ambulance will be sent, armed with a hangover kit.

People can opt for this service by calling Care24's hotline number 022-399-67670 from 11:00 pm 31st December 2015 to 3:00 am 1st January 2016.

After receiving a call, Care24 will send a Care Van to help people in an inebriated state to get back on their feet. These vans will be stationed close to prominent city pubs in areas around Bandra and Lower Parel. Pub owners have been informed about this facility in advance so they can avail of it before things get unpleasant and the New Year's Eve party becomes a dampener.

According to Ankit Agrawal, in charge of this initiative by Care24, said, ''December 31 is all about indulgence and revelry. But a little too much and the party can become a nightmare. We just want to reach out and reassure Mumbaiites that there's someone to take care of them and their loved ones when the situation gets out of hand.

Care24 was founded in 2014 by Vipin Pathak, Abhishek Tiwari, Pranshu Sharma and Garima Tripathi, to provide personal affordable healthcare assistance at a patient's own home home.