Air ambulances for medical emergencies in offing

Medical emergency situations like organ transplants as well as transfer of patients may soon get easier, with online booking of air ambulance services for any kind of treatment, as well as for organ transplants that need to be transported from one city to the other.

Mumbai will be able to avail of these emergency medical services within twelve months, which can increase chances of saving lives. Baron Aviation, a private jets brokering service provider, is set to have air ambulances for purposes of organ donation, and any kind of medical emergencies.

The agency today launched an online portal for booking private jets, and aims to launch this medical service within a year. ''Human life isn't getting as much as importance as it is in foreign countries. Through this service any kind of major accidents, organ transplants or in case of any other any major illness will be made easier for people in need, as the services of medical evacuated machines will be provided within few hours of booking it,'' explained Rajeev Wadhwa, chairman and chief executive of Baron Aviation.

''Currently we do not have adequate infrastructure to deal with such situations. There is requirement of policies as well as infrastructure; if government is favourable to policies, then the private sector can come up with building an infrastructure to help in natural calamity scenarios like the recent one in Chennai,'' he said.

Medical evacuated machines will have all the equipment require like stretcher, doctors, etc. It will be a collective effort, with participation of government, authorities and private structure.

Baron Aviation, on Monday, launched an online portal called bookmycharters, which allows any passenger to book private jets.

It now has a pan India helicopter tourism project on its card next which will bring in sizeable amount of helicopters for tourism and pilgrimages and medical services, apart from yachts, all this over a period of one year.