Businesswoman sues plastic surgeon, claims £54 million in damages

A high-flying businesswoman is suing her plastic surgeon for £54 million on claims of a bungled facelift that has ruined her career.

Penny Johnson, 49, director of a financial and IT consultancy underwent an operation that has left her with a painful eye twitch. The botched up operation, she says, has put her back by about £600,000 in earnings as she can no longer do business face to face.

Johnson is suing cosmetic surgeon Dr Le Roux Fourie for leaving her with nerve damage around her cheek and eye causing huge losses to her business.

Lawrence West QC, for Johnson, told the High Court in London that her company had won major contracts with technology giant IBM, top accountancy firm Deloitte and banks in the Middle East but the operation in 2003 which damaged the right side of her face left her with ''uncontrollable facial movement, pain around the right eye and grimacing'', which is not expected to heal for the rest of her life.

According to West, the firm which she ran with husband Peter, had suffered as a result, and was taken over in 2009.

Johnson's solicitor, Colum Smith, said, it was still very raw for her. He added that she went in for a partial facelift and the surgeon carried out experimental surgery on her and tried to cover it up.