Nagging partners heighten angina risk to spouces

The risk of developing angina increases almost fourfold due to nagging by spouse according to a study, published yesterday in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Also worries about family and children doubles angina risk, which also increased due to regular arguments with partner and neighbours with 44 per cent and 60 per cent additional risk respectively.

Researchers say, one reason for the heightened risk from these interactions could be the heightened stress levels due to the demands from family members. However individual personality has also been found to play a role. The study was conducted on a cohort of more than 4,500 Danish men and women with no history of heart disease.

They were asked a number of questions about their health and quality of relationships with other people and the results revealed that demands from a partner increased the risk of angina.

Results followed similar patterns for men and women with significantly higher risk for older people. Increased level of pressure increased chances of angina. Previous studies have brought out that better health goes with  people happy social relationships.

According to the authors from the University of Copenhagen, excessive demands and serious worries from significant others seem to be important risk factors for development of angina.