Rajkot district administration gears up against swine flu menace

With the swine flu menace rearing its head again, the Rajkot district administration is gearing up to counter the epidemic by taking steps to ensure its own officials do not contract the deadly infection.

A drive has been launched by the state government to administer swine flu shots to all medical and para-medical staff at primary health centres, villages and towns in the district.

The H1N1virus has so far claimed 13 lives across the state, so far of which four are from Saurashtra.

According to senior officials the vaccination imparts protection against the H1N1 virus for nine to 11 months creating a security shield to help the officials treat swine flu patients without fear of contracting the infection.

In addition to the vaccination drive, the administration has also launched an awareness drive for people. The administration is also promoting basic precautionary measures such as washing of hands with soap, as soap contains carbolic acid which destroys the H1N1 virus immediately.

The consumption of fruits containing ascorbic acid or vitamin C is also being promoted.