Mumbai hospitals seeks state government intervention in cashless mediclaim imbroglio

Private hospitals in Mumbai have sought the Maharashtra government's intervention to settle the ongoing dispute with insurance companies over cashless mediclaim policies.

An association of city hospitals, which includes premier hospitals like Jaslok, Breach Candy, Hinduja and Hurkisondas, has categorically rejected the insurance firms' demand for uniform rates for medical procedures across various hospitals.

"Rates differ according to available equipment and location of hospitals. Even within hospitals, rates vary according to the class of service patients opt for," said Jaslok Hospital chief executive Manesh Masand.

Costs also vary for different procedures for the same ailment, her added.

"Cancer can be treated by focused MRI or through surgery, at exponentially different costs. The choice of treatment is finally up to the patient," said Masand.

"Government intervention is required here. Auto fuel is being made duty-free, whereas hospitals have to pay the highest customs duties for all imported equipment. It is important to understand that our costs are determined by all these factors," said Breach Candy Hospital chief executive Vijay Krishna.