SC awards Rs1 crore compensation in medical negligence case

The Supreme Court has awarded a Rs1 crore compensation to a software engineer who suffered permanent disability due to medical negligence at the Andhra Pradesh government-owned Nizam Medical Institute in Hyderabad.

A bench comprising justices B N Agrawal, G S Singhwi and H S Bedi raised the original Rs15 lakh compensation awarded to Prashant S Dhanaka by the Andhra Pradesh High Court to Rs1 crore.

The negligence by the doctors at the Hyderabad hospital left Dhanaka  paralysed and making him incapable of doing normal chore, in addition to other complications.

Dhananka, a software engineer with Infosys in Bangalore, had been paralysed waist downwards owing to medical negligence during his treatment at the institute.