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Man sues supermarket for cocaine inside milkshake powder tube

13 February 2017

A Spanish consumer found cocaine worth £11,000 inside a tub of Nesquik which he had bought in a supermarket.

When he opened the lid he found a 250gm packet of the drug hidden in the milkshake powder.

The consumer, who remains unnamed, reported the incident to the authorities, who confirmed the substance was cocaine.

El Mundo reported that the man had threatened to sue the supermarket, which had not been named.

According to the customer, the lid of the tub had been tampered with and police are now awaiting the results of fingerprints found on the packet.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the drug was not inserted at the Nestle factory, but it was thought that the tampering had happened at the supermarket.

The man's lawyer, Francisco Javier Acín Viyenta, told El Mundo his client had decided to take legal action and sue the supermarket where he bought the Nesquik for "moral damages" he has suffered.

According to the man's lawyer, Francisco Javia Acin Viyenta, his client had decided to take legal recourse as he feared for his safety and was worried he would face retaliation from drug traffickers.

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