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Carlsberg has a new campaign in Malaysia news
08 September 2009

Carlsberg recently executed an unique campaign in men's title Clive. The magazine had Carlsberg coasters with pick-up lines printed on 16 pages of the magazine.

A first for Malaysia, the campaign concept and execution took place in the form of witty pick-up lines, printed on the reverse side of actual Carlsberg coasters and inserted into copies of the magazine, cutting through 16 pages of the publication so that readers will be reminded of Carlsberg moments with every turn of the page. 

OMD handles the media for Carlsberg.

"We love this campaign execution developed by our marketing team and OMD Malaysia as it not only allows us to reach the cosmopolitan Malaysian man on the street but also the secondary target group -- Malaysian women, both of whom are increasingly getting more sophisticated," Ole S Nielsen, GM, marketing of Carlsberg Malaysia, said in a statement.

''Carlsberg is the #1 Malaysian beer, one that Malaysians has grown up with and one that has brewed many great times for beer drinkers. With that as an editorial inspiration, our team also worked on a feature on how to create unique moments to sustain long-distance relationships. In addition, with the well-heeled, well-travelled internationalists in mind, the article also includes a side-bar column on the best chat-up lines found around the world,'' said Robert Chan, editor of Clive.

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Carlsberg has a new campaign in Malaysia