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FAN and WPP announce partnership for effective digital marketing investments news
09 November 2009

Fox Audience Network (FAN), a division of News Corporation, and WPP have announced a partnership to provide marketers with more accurate and in-depth information to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing investments.

FAN will work with units of WPP's Kantar and WPP Digital under the terms of the new partnership. These collaborations will provide marketers with better insight across inventory aggregated by both FAN and the Media Innovation Group of WPP Digital.

WPP companies will gain access to FAN's Audience Segmentation service to enrich their insights, planning and measurement offerings. The enhanced audience segmentation services will enable WPP clients to understand and reach highly customized yet anonymous groups of consumers who share relevant interests, such as autos, games, movies or music.

In addition, FAN will gain access to deep consumer insights from Kantar, the research arm of WPP, broadening the information available in its Audience Segmentation platform.

''There is more data than most online marketers know what to do with but not enough insight or action,'' said Mark Read, CEO of WPP Digital.

''We will be working with FAN to integrate Audience Insights into the various WPP platforms, extending FAN's analytics across more publishers and more channels, online and offline, than ever before.''

''In working with WPP, we gain a valuable partner as we extend our Audience Insights platform, which already covers more than 80% of online consumers in the U.S., into the most comprehensive audience analytics service in the industry,'' said Adam Bain, president of Fox Audience Network.

''Together, we will create new insights for marketers about who is visiting their digital properties and how particular audience segments are responding to marketing messages.''

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FAN and WPP announce partnership for effective digital marketing investments