Union Carbide's toxic waste in Bhopal to be disposed in Germany

A group of ministers (GoM) today gave its approval to Madhya Pradesh government to dispose of 350 metric tonnes of toxic waste that Union Carbide left in Bhopal in Germany.

The centre will pay Rs25 crore towards the cost of airlifting the waste, which will be removed within a year.

Madhya Pradesh's minister overlooking the Bhopal gas tragedy relief and rehabilitation measures Babulal Gaur said the GoM headed by union home minister P Chidambaram has asked the state government to prepare an agreement within two weeks' time.

"The proposal has been agreed to. The waste will be disposed of in Germany. The cost of Rs25 crore for airlifting the toxic material will be borne by the central government. The whole procedure of removing the waste will be completed within a year," Gaur told reporters here after the meeting.

He said the state government would submit the agreement to the centre before the next meeting. According to state government officials, the disposal would be carried out by German agency GIZ IS.

About 346 tonnes of toxic waste is lying within the premises of the erstwhile Union Carbide India Ltd (UCIL) in Bhopal.