India slaps provisional anti-dumping duty on morpholine imports from US, EU and China

India has imposed provisional anti-dumping duty on 'morpholine' imports from the United States, the European Union and China.

The revenue department of the finance ministry would levy restrictive duties on imports of the chemical from the US, China and the European Union for a period of six months.

The revenue authorities have slapped anti-dumping duty of $0.50 per kg on morpholine produced and exported by Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation of the US. Other producers and exporters of this chemical in the US have to pay a higher provisional anti-dumping duty of $0.81 per kg.

In the case of morpholine produced by BASF and exported from the European Union, the anti-dumping duty has been pegged at $ 0.35 per kg while other producers and exporters in the European Union have to pay provisional duty of $0.68 per kg.

The Designated Authority in the commerce ministry has recommended a provisional anti-dumping duty of $0.29 per kg on 'morpholine' produced and exported by Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Group Ltd, China.

For other producers and exporters of morpholine from China, the provisional anti-dumping duty is $0.63 per kg.