It takes an Army to dispose of demonetised notes!

After the Army and the Indian Air Force helped the government with security during the printing of new currency notes and their airlift to different parts of the country after the demonetisation of 8 November last year, the Indian Army has once again been deployed for help in the monetary exercise, the Press Trust of India reports.

Fifteen teams of the Army will be deployed in key offices of the RBI by Thursday to beef up security as well as help the central bank speed up disposal of demonetised currency notes, the report said citing Army sources. Two teams have already been working with the RBI and the additional manpower will help the bank in shredding of demonetised notes.

A total of 15 teams will be deployed in major RBI offices by 25 April, they said.

The sources added that Army personnel will basically be responsible for ensuring adequate security so that the process to dispose of the demonetised notes can be expedited.