Burglars escape with ATM machine containing nearly Rs8 lakh in Delhi

A gang of burglars in Bhajanpura in north-east Delhi have reportedly pulled out an ATM machine loaded with Rs7.8 lakh and escaped with it in a minivan in the early hours of Sunday, exposing the lack of security at ATMs across the country.

Interestingly, the door of the State Bank of India ATM located at Gangotri Vihar Road, in Bhajanpura did not have a locking mechanism. There was also no guard posted at the ATM, according locals.

Police said the entire act has been caught on camera installed at a near-by jewellery shop that showed five-six unidentified persons removing the screws that fixed the ATM on the floor.

However, they said the visual from the CCTV camera was grainy and the police have sent the footage to the forensic laboratory for cleaning the image.

Police said the thieves had brought a tempo truck with them to carry away the machine.

The theft took place at around 2.30 am.

Since the burglars pulled out the wires of the ATM, the machine's self-locking mechanism failed to get activated, according to experts.

Police said they have CCTV footage that showed the burglars placing the machine in the vehicle.

According to the police, it took the thieves from 2:35 am to 3:05 am to remove the machine.

Some of the thieves had covered their faces with scarves, while the faces of others were visible in the footage, the police officer said. The thieves are yet to be identified, he added.

"We were informed about the theft by bank officials in the morning. The CCTV footage from the ATM booth was lost as the hard disk containing the footage was stolen along with the machine," he said.

"The machine was installed three years ago. There has been no camera or guard in the kiosk since," according to locals.

The Delhi Police had issued a circular to all banks to ensure the security at their ATMs.