Cape Town issues new water restrictions as city faces zero water

25 January 2018

The coastal city of Cape Town, located in the Western Cape of South Africa, has issued new water restrictions with the city now on the verge of running out of water.

According to Cape Town officials, the city's water supply will possibly cut off due to drought on 12 April, otherwise known as ''Day Zero.''

Even as citizens of the Cape Town have been contributing to the massive water conservation efforts to combat the area's drought, however, according to mayor Patricia de Lille, some people are ''callously'' using more than their current limit.

''We have reached a point of no return. Despite our urging for months, 60 percent of Capetonians are callously using more than 87 liters per day,'' de Lille said last week, reported.

The amount of water residents can use, has been capped at 50 litres daily beginning 1 Febuary, and the city may penalise households that use too much water.

"We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water. We must force them," the mayor said.

Meanwhile, officials plan to combat the drought, saying it was looking more likely that it will have to turn off most taps on "Day Zero," or 21 April stating that 60 per cent of residents are "callously" using more than the current limit and that the city will fine households that use too much water.

A few days ago, city officials had said 22 April would be Day Zero, but this week they advanced the date to 12 April.

Cape Town, which is South Africa's second-largest city, is also a top international tourist destination. According to commentators, residents will now play a new and delicate game of water math each day.

Citizens are recycling bath water to help flush toilets and are being told to limit showers to 90 seconds.

And hand sanitizer, once something of an afterthought, is now a fast selling product.

Even with the predicament they find themselves in, residents have not cut their water use significantly, said Patricia De Lille, Cape Town's mayor.

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