China's high-speed train sets new world record news
30 September 2010

A Chinese high-speed train attained a record speed of 416.6 km per hour Tuesday during a trial run on a rail link between Shanghai and Hangzhou, the fastest by a commercial conventional train running on wheels, Xinhua reported.

Shanghai's 30-km stretch maglev train linking the city to the airport holds the world record for the top speed of 501 km per hour in test runs.

The new high-speed train, at an average speed of 350 km per hour is expected to cover the 202-km distance from Shanghai to Hangzhou, the capital of Zejiang province, in 40 minutes, reducing to half the current travel time between the two cities.

Some observers feel that travel by the new Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed train will be expensive for passengers as it might cost 100 yuan ($14.90) by first-class, which is double the existing fare. Some also feel that the journey time could be longer with stoppages in between the two cities.

The train service is expected to become operational by the end of October, according to China Central Telivision.

"The new record of 416.6 km per hour shows that China has achieved a new milestone in high-speed train technologies," Zhang Shuguang, deputy chief engineer of the ministry of Railways.

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China's high-speed train sets new world record