Fifteenth Finance Commission to visit Punjab

Headed by Chairman NK Singh, the Fifteenth Finance Commission  will visit Punjab from 29 January to 1 February, 2019, making it the 17th State that the commission will have visited. 

The commission will begin its visit with meetings with representatives of the panchayat raj institutions (PRIs) and the urban local bodies (ULB).  This will be followed by a meeting with the representatives of political parties in the state.  On its next visit, the commission is scheduled to have detailed meeting with the state government headed by the chief minister of Punjab along with other cabinet ministers of the state and senior officials.  
The commission will also visit Amritsar where it will hold meetings with the state representatives of trade and industry.  It will also conduct site visits to see development works progressing in the state. 
Prior to its visits to Punjab, the Commission has been holding detailed briefing meetings with the A.G. of Punjab, the Chief Secretary of Punjab as well as with the Central Government regarding issues pertaining to the State of Punjab.