Red tape thrives on doubt, red carpet on trust: PM

Prime Minister  Narendra Modi today said the "industry of red tape" thrives on doubt, while the "road with red carpet" is built on trust.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi releasing the book Red Tape to Red Carpet... and then some, written by Gina Rinehart, chairperson ofHancock Prospecting Group, in New Delhi on 23 June 2015  

Speaking at the India release of Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart's book Red Tape to Red Carpet... and then some, in New Delhi, Modi spoke about the need for people-friendly reforms to ease the regulatory environment in India.

He said the most important reform for him has been allowing self-certification in various activities. "For misdeeds of a small number, we can't punish all the stakeholders. So, trusting the citizens, including the corporate citizens, is the essence of our reforms," the prime minister said.

Ranked by both Forbes Asia and the Business Review Weekly as Australia's wealthiest person, Rinehart, is the chairperson of the Australian mining company Hancock Prospecting Group and the single-largest shareholder of Fairfax Media, one of Australia's largest diversified media companies.

The Australian minister for trade and investment, Andrew Robb, and former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating were present for the launch of the book in India.

Modi also said, "The analysis of government policies by economists is different from that by those who are real stakeholders. I put the effort made by Mrs. Rinehart in the latter category.

"I believe that a human being is inherently good and he or she has to be given full freedom to make choices. This is the foundation of our steps which we have taken towards easing the regulatory environment in India. The most important reform for me so far is to allow self-certification in various activities. From students to entrepreneurs, we have allowed self-certification of documents and processes."

"For misdeeds of a small number, we can't punish all the stakeholders. So, trusting the citizens including the corporate citizens is the essence of our reforms. This is the basis of our efforts towards transition from 'Red Tape' to 'Red Carpet'.

"The industry of 'Red Tape' thrives on doubt. The road with 'Red Carpet' is built on trust. I am thankful to Mrs. Rinehart for highlighting the direction of our journey. "

"This book reminds me one of my old statements. I have been saying that the problems of public administration will end if politicians learn how to say 'No' and if bureaucrats know how to say 'Yes'. This is the reason that we have devoted maximum energy on changing the mindset."

"Our LPG subsidy transfer process is the biggest online transfer in the world. But it involves saying 'No' to those who are not eligible. It also involves saying 'Yes' and delivering efficiently to those who are eligible. The good news is that it is working very efficiently."