Anna Hazare happy at Kejriwal's Delhi show

Anna Hazare on Sunday expressed happiness with the Aam Admi Party's impressive performance in the assembly elections in Delhi although the social activist was against members of his anti-corruption front joining electoral politics.

And, with Arvind Kejriwal trouncing the Congress from power in Delhi, Hazare warned the Congress that people would teach it a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections as well.

Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the fledgling Aam Aadmi Party, who unseated chief minister Sheila Dikshit in her own constituency, said, ''I would like to congratulate the people of Delhi for starting a trend of honest politics.''

Kejriwal said his movement ''will not be limited to Delhi alone, but will spread across the entire country and will be successful in getting rid of corruption and inflation.''

Aam Aadmi, which organised the common people in Delhi to fight against widespread corruption and rising prices of essentials, also managed to eat into the vote bank of the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), depriving it of a majority.

Hazare, who had refused to campaign for Kejriwal's party, expressed happiness over AAP's performance and the rout of the Congress in Delhi where Sheila Dikshit served as chief minister for 15 years.

''Definitely, Delhi is the centre of the country's politics. It is not an easy task to defeat a government, which is ruling there with just a broom in hand.

''The old parties have a lot of money. I feel happy that in such a situation, his party has emerged victorious and got 24 seats,'' Hazare said.

He, however, cautioned Kejriwal against allying with any party.