Karnataka set to offer government services via cellphone

The Karnataka government will launch a mobile governance platform on 30 October which will allow citizens to access various government services through their cellphones.

The state government will partner service providers to roll out the m-governance initiative, state secretary for information technology, biotechnology and science Srivatsa Krishna told a forum in Bangalore today.

The government has partnered with value-added service provider OnMobile to manage the m-governance pilot, he said. He declined to specify the terms of the agreement and the financial details.

Krishna said the mobile-governance application will be rolled out ''with the largest private partner in mobile services globally''.

The mobile-governance application will include Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The state has also tied up with four other companies. Pune-based manufacturer of rural wireless automation products Ossian Agro Automation will offer its flagship product Nano Ganesh that allows farmers to remotely monitor their pumpsets using a mobile phone.

Hubli-based NextDrop will offer its smart water supply messaging service, and Babajobs, a portal for workers in the informal sector, will provide job information to youth through SMS and IVR in the local language.

''We are awaiting cabinet approval for delivery of other services like anganwadi certification,'' Krishna said.