Justice Verma report blows up in the face of government

Justice JS VermaThe Justice JS Verma Committee, constituted to suggest amendments to laws relating to crimes against women, has blamed failure of governance for rising crimes against women across the country.

In his report submitted to the home ministry today, Justice Verma has squarely blamed the governments – both at the centre and the states - and a lax law enforcement machinery for increasing violence against women.

Legislation alone won't help address gender bias, the administrative machinery should also be ready and willing to address these issues, Justice Verma said.

''Deficiency of gender bias that cannot be overcome by laws has to be overcome by administration,'' Verma said while addressing the press after submitting the report.

"Failure of governance is the obvious cause for the current situation," said Justice Verma, a former Chief Justice of India. "Why not ensure the root cause is prevented? Have a safe environment so that such incidents don't take place?" Verma asked.

On the role of the police, Justice Verma said the committee did not get any response from the DGPs. He said if such is the attitude of responsible officers like DGPs, then there needs to be a change in the steps taken to appoint the DGPs.