No compromise on nuclear safety: President Pratibha Patil

President Pratibha Patil today said there would be no compromise on nuclear safety or on the livelihood of any section of society in country's pursuit of power self sufficiency.

Addressing a joint sitting of Parliament, the president said that the country would more than double its nuclear power-generating capacity in the 12th Five Year Plan period from 2012-17.

She said, the government "attaches the highest priority to safety while harnessing nuclear energy, and will not compromise on safety or the livelihood of any section of society in the pursuit of our nuclear energy programmer."

The president's remarks were aimed at assuaging the anti-nuclear protestors in Kudankulam and Jaitapur and came a day after the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that killed several thousands and crippled nuclear power plants in Fukushima in Japan in 11 March 2011.

She said after the Fukushima accident the government had ordered technical reviews of all safety systems of nuclear power plants in the country and was implementing the recommendations on further enhancing safety.

Patil added the reports of the safety reviews had already been made public and also highlighted that a Nuclear Safety Regulatory Authority Bill had been introduced in Parliament.