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MDL launches Indian Navy's first stealth destroyer

20 April 2015

The first of the four P15-B stealth destroyers being built at Mumbai's Mazagaon Docks Ltd (MDL) is being launched for sea trials today and the ship, to be named Visakhapatnam, will be commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2018.
MDL launches Indian Navy's first stealth destroyer
The indigenously designed  vessel, with a launch weight of approximately 3,000 tonnes, will be launched in the conventional end launching method.

The P15-B stealth vessel, which is 163 m long, has a displacement of approximately 7,300 tonnes. It is propelled by four gas turbines and is designed to achieve a speed of over 30 knots.

The stealth destroyer will have state-of-the-art weapons, sensors, an advanced Action Information System, Integrated Platform Management system, sophisticated power distribution system and a host of other advanced features.

The vessel is follow-on of P15A-Kolkota class destroyers with enhanced features. It will be fitted with supersonic surface-to-surface missile system.

The system enables the ship to engage shore-based and naval surface targets at long range making it a lethal platform for strike against enemy targets. The ship's air defence capability is designed to counter the threat of enemy aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles.

Four 30-mm rapid-fire guns will provide the ship with close-in-defence capability while an MR gun will enable her to provide effective naval gunfire support. Indigenously developed twin tube torpedo launchers and rocket launchers will add punch to the ship's anti-submarine capability.

'Visakhapatnam' is the result of the dedicated efforts of various departments of MDL, ably guided by Warship Overseeing Team, Mumbai, at all stages of her progress. Significantly the integration, supported by the advanced Vertical Launch Missile System, the Multifunction Radar System and the hull mounted bow sonar is envisaged during the construction phase.

The total cost of the project is little over Rs29,600 crore. It is 65-per cent indigenous and has a number of weapon systems which have been made at home.

The indigenisation content in P15-B class destroyers is a notch above her illustrious predecessors in line with the 'Make in India' policy of the union government.


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