BEL develops advanced gunfire control system for Indian Navy

India's premiere defence public sector unit, Bharat Electronics Ltd, has announced the development of a new generation multi-sensor, multi-weapon defence system for deployment on board naval ships. It said the state-of-the-art ''Gun Fire Control System'' (GFCS) will be installed on board the P-28 class of ships.

A 3D drawing of the Project 28 ASW corvette. Image: Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers
''The GFCS is a quick reaction, multi-sensor, multi-weapon, short/medium/long range defence system against air, surface or shore targets on board naval ships'', senior company officials said.

The P-28 class of ships are anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvettes designed for the Indian Navy's use in the 21st century. 

The GFCS is designed to provide air or surface defence with 76mm and 30mm guns. It will track hostile targets through radars or video tracking systems, acting on data given out by early warning search radars and to track the approach of hostile targets with high accuracy.

Data generated by sensors is processed and used to control the weapons by pointing them in the direction of incoming missiles.

The GFCS comprises five functional sub-systems: tracker, weapon control, sight control, combat management system and support systems, each of which can be used as an independent system.