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Indian Navy to buy 6 more submarines; plans to induct N-sub news
10 May 2008

The Indian Navy plans to acquire an additional six submarines over and above the Scorpene submarines it has already ordered. The Navy also hopes to equip itself with nuclear-powered submarines in the future, Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta said.

India, meanwhile, is also pushing ahead with its indigenous technology development programme for nuclear submarives, he said.

These six submarines would be in addition to the Scorpene submarines, which the Indian navy is expected to acquire soon.

"In accordance with the plan to keep a certain number of submarines in the force, we will be acquiring six of one type (Scorpene) and six of another type," Mehta said at a press conference.

There is already a time lag in the induction of the Scorpene submarines and the Navy should look for a second type of  submarines, he said.

"We need to have indigenous capability for building these submarines and Indian Navy has been a strong proponent of indigenous development. Therefore, we would expect that our shipyards take over the technology from some of these companies and thereafter build it themselves," Mehta added.

Navy wants new submarines with vertical missile launch capabilities, he said, adding, "The nuclear powered submarines could be equipped either with nuclear or conventional weapons.''

The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) is undertaking the nuclear submarine project. 
Mehta said the Navy needs more Reese aircraft, more destroyers before it can dream of a three-carrier force.

But what ails the Navy more than the money needed is the slow decision-making process which make acquisitions obsolete.

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Indian Navy to buy 6 more submarines; plans to induct N-sub