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Indian Navy's frontline warships make a goodwill visit to Oman news
03 January 2008

image:Baltisky shipyardMuscat: Two Indian naval warships, INS Tabar and INS Brahmaputra, visited Muscat, the Kingdom of Oman, on a four-day goodwill visit. The visit is part of the ongoing "Building bridges of friendship" mission of the Indian Navy.

Both INS Tabar, Russian-built frigate with stealth features, and INS Brahmaputra, a modern frigate of indigenous design, part of the Indian Navy's western fleet would also showcase the advanced indigenous technology incorporated within the ships to the Royal Navy of Oman.
INS Tabar is the third of the INS Talwar class of ships built by a Russian shipyard for the Indian Navy. The design serves as a forerunner for the most advanced ships launched for construction by Russian shipyards for the Russian navy.
INS BrahamputraThe two frontline warships left on January 1 after ushering in the New Year in Muscat port.

The commanders of the two ships Captain SN Ghormade (INS Brahmaputra) and Captain PK Banerjee (INS Tabar) met representatives of the Royal Oman Navy and other officials at a reception hosted on-board INS Tabar.

While the officers of the Royal Navy of Oman visited the two warships, the Indian Naval officers visited the Omani naval base at Udham.

The Indian Navy has been training the Royal Navy of Oman for quite a few years.

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Indian Navy's frontline warships make a goodwill visit to Oman