India successfully tests anti-satellite missile technology

India today successfully tested state-of-the-art anti-satellite missile technology by shooting down a satellite parked at a low-earth orbit of nearly 300 km from the earth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a televised address to the nation.

The mission, `OperationShakti’ was completed in just three minutes, he said, adding that all equipment used in the operation was developed indigenously.
He said the defence and space scientists used an anti-satellite missile (ASM) to destroy a mini-satellite in space, adding that India is now a space power on par with the exclusive club of US, Russia and China which have the capability.
Modi congratulated space and defence scientists, and said it was a demonstration of capability, space power, self defence and peaceful use of outer space. 
But, he said, “We aim for peace and not war,” adding that it is an important step towards securing India's safety, economic growth and technological advancement. He assured the international community that this experiment was not against any country in particular. Also, it is not against any international convention or treaty. Such a mission will help in achieving security milestones for the country, he added.
India has now developed capability to develop an entire range of missiles, including inter-continental ballistic missiles, anti-missile defence shield, and now, anti-satellite missile technology.