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Zee still lags behind Star Plus, Sonynews
Our Convergence Bureau
09 November 2001

Mumbai: Zees new programming initiative has come a cropper and has failed to increase viewership on Zee channel. As per the latest TAM ratings for the period between 21 October and 27 October, Zees channel-share lies third at 5.19 behind Star Plus at 18.49 and Sony 11.29.

The target group covers only females between 15 and 44 years in ABC markets Hindi-speaking belt across all cable and satellite homes. Clearly, Zee stands at a distant third behind Star Plus and Sony, despite claims by the Zee management to the contrary.

When Zee had announced its second-quarter results, Zee Network CEO (broadcasting) Sandeep Goyal had said on CNBC India that his channel was firmly saddled in the second spot behind Star Plus with the help of seven top programmes out of 50. This was in the second week of October and he had quoted Intam ratings.

Zee had launched 24 new programmes on 27 August, envisaging a promotional expenditure budget of Rs 15 crore. It had scrapped all-but-three old programmes. A huge publicity had preceded the launch hoardings, banners and print media advertisements. The company has reportedly spent Rs 10 crore on new programme publicity, with little success as depicted in the latest ratings by Tam.

Zee had also decried the rating system calling unreliable and biased and had openly made suggestions that the ratings had been tampered with. Nevertheless, nothing seemed to have worked in favour of Zee. The latest ratings show that Zee News, too, is lagging behind its arch rival, Aaj Tak, which has a channel-share of 2.46, in comparison to the 1.58 for Zee News. It is, however, ahead of Star News, which has a channel-share of 0.54 per cent.

From among its new programmes, only Kohi Apna Sa has done well, bagging a spot in the top 100 programmes. From out of the old programmes, Indias Most Wanted, Mehendi Tere Naam Ki, Amaanat and Koshish Ek Aasha are seemingly doing well but without occupying any place in the top 100 programmes list.

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Zee still lags behind Star Plus, Sony