Wockhardt to introduce treatment for dermatological scars

Mumbai: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology major Wockhardt Limited has signed an in-licensing agreement with the US-based Advanced Biotechnologies Inc to market a patent-protected product to treat scars.

Kelocote is a unique silicone gel for scars arising from accidents, burns, surgery and acne as well as skin disorders such as dermatitis and varicella. It is also useful in treating keloids, which are fibrous growths formed over healed wounds. Kelocote is available as an easy-to-apply gel form with self-drying action.

While clinical trials on Indian patients are in progress, clinical data from various countries has already proven its efficacy and cost-effectiveness. Kelocote is currently marketed in North America, Europe, Australia and South-East Asia. Wockhardt plans to launch Kelocote in India in the third quarter of 2007.

Scars are a common but undermanaged problem. More than 100 million people acquire new scars each year in developed countries alone. Abnormal scars can be aesthetically distressing, disfiguring as well as psychologically disabling.

Last year, Wockhardt entered into an in-licensing deal with LSI of UK for Vitix, a patented product for the management of vitiligo (leucoderma) and with Crawford Healthcare of UK for Viticolor, a camouflage gel for vitiligo-affected skins.

Wockhardt Limited is an internationally approved pharmaceutical and biotechnology company having a strong and innovative research and development programme. Wockhardt has made four successful acquisitions in Europe, where it employs 850 people. It has a wholly owned subsidiary in the US. Europe and the US together account for over half of Wockhardt''s sales.

"Wockhardt is committed to cater to unmet medical needs of Indian patients," Wockhardt chairman Habil Khorakiwala said. "We will soon introduce a patented gel – Kelocote – to treat scars and keloids arising from accidents, burns, surgery and acne."