US FDA approves Wockhardt's Waluj plant

The US FDA has approved Wockhardt's cephalosporin injectables plant at Waluj in Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

The US FDA has communicated its approval of the facility in its letter dated May 2, 2006. With this, the Waluj plant becomes Wockhardt's sixth plant to receive US FDA approval.

Following the approval of the plant, Wockhardt expects approval for three of Wockhardt's cephalosporin ANDA products, to be manufactured at the Waluj plant, currently pending approval with US FDA.

Wockhardt's plant in Chikalthana, also at Aurangabad, already has the US FDA approval and accounts for most of Wockhardt's formulation exports to the US.

Wockhardt currently sells 11 formulations in the US, compared to five last year.