Wipro all set to bring in Unza brands

Mumbai: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCL), reportedly has plans to bring some of the brands of its recent acquisition Unza to India.

The company is reportedly in the midst of consumer research to ascertain the categories of Unza''s brands to introduce in India.

A few months ago, WCCL had acquired the Singapore-based Unza Holdings Ltd, which is south East Asia''s largest independent manufacturer and marketer of personal care products, spanning operations in over 40 countries. The acquisition carried a price tag of
Rs1,010 crore in July 2007. WCCL plans to treat the two businesses independently, rather than integrate them completely.

Wipro expects synergies from formulations based on various brands of Unza that it plans to introduce across different markets. India will see some of these formulations under the Santoor and Chandrika brands.