Wipro in pact with Brillian

Bangalore: Wipro Technologies has entered into a systems electronics development agreement with Brillian Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of high-definition television (HDTV) products.

Under the agreement, Wipro will be responsible for the over-the-air tuner (ATSC standard) and other high-definition content sources for Brillian''s 720p and 1080p liquid-crystal-on-silicon Gen II HDTV products, slated for introduction by Brillian''s OEM customers in the second half of 2004.

Wipro will design the ATSC and Open Cable board and related software for the HDTV, thus enabling Brillian''s system designers to offer a single, leading-edge digital video-processing platform that will support multiple sources and applications.

With television broadcast turning digital, Wipro''s Consumer Electronics group has invested in its own set of ATSC & DVB stacks and other re-use components enabling the development process for Brillian, according to a press release.