Wockhardt launches three new products in the United States

Mumbai-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Wockhardt yesterday received final approval from the US FDA for marketing the 250mg, 500mg and 750mg tablets of Levofloxacin, which is used for treating a broad spectrum of bacterial infections.

Levofloxacin is a generic version of Levaquin, marketed in the United States by Ortho Mcneil (Johnson & Johnson). Wockhardt launched the product on the same day.

''After Donepezil tablets on 31 May and Venlafaxine extended-release capsules on 1 June, this is our third new product launch in the United States, within the past 21 days'', said Wockhardt chairman Habil Khorakiwala. ''Each of these products was launched on the date the generic market opportunity opened. While business on the existing products has been growing, it is the steady infusion of new products that has enabled us to put our US business on a path of rapid growth.''

Donepezil, a generic version of Eisai's brand Aricept, is amongst the most widely used drugs in treating Alzheimer's disease, incidences of which are rapidly increasing the world over due to a steady increase in aging population.

Venlafaxine extended release capsule, a generic version of Pfizer's Effexor XR, is one the most widely used antidepressant drugs. The product is a capsule containing specially designed pellets to extend their release over 24 hours and requires specialised technology and manufacturing capability.

According to IMS, the combined brand sales of all three products, in the United States market, is over $ 6 billion. 

Wockhardt is one of the few companies with end-to-end integrated capabilities for its products, starting with manufacture of the oral and sterile API's, the dose forms and marketing through the wholly-owned subsidiary in the US, enabling the company to capture maximum value.