Volkswagen 3-year apprenticeship programme in Pune

Volkswagen India has announced a 3-year Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme in Pune, based on the German dual system of vocational education and training.

This programme will provide employability in the areas of production, maintenance, planning, quality assurance and R&D.

"The partnership between Volkswagen Group India and Indian vocational education and training authorities is a milestone on the path towards modernisation, practical relevance and flexibility of vocational education and training in India," the company said in a statement.

It said, "The Mechatronics Programme provides the apprentices the key competencies which are necessary to adapt to the fast changing industrial requirements. With the launch of this programme Volkswagen Group is now introducing its global quality standards from the automobile sector to the education sector."   

The 3-year Volkswagen Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme has been designed keeping in mind the increasing complexity of production processes which demands a workforce that has expertise in mechanical, electronic and informatics skills as well as in other modern automation technologies. Apart from these skills, the workforce will also develop interpersonal skills through the programme.

''The automobile industry in India has seen a very strong growth in the past few years," said John Chacko, Volkswagen group chief representative India, president and managing director, Volkswagen India Private Limited said.  The need of the hour is to have industry-ready people to take care of the challenges raised by this steady growth. The 3 year Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme by Volkswagen Group India is a step in this direction by developing mechanical, electronic and informatics skills of the workforce in the ever growing automobile industry.''