Now Volkswagen recalls nearly 20,000 cars in Brazil

German automobiles group Volkswagen today announced the recall of around 193,620 of its Novo Gol and Voyage models in Brazil because of a lubrication problem with the rear wheels.

The Brazilian division of the company said it was recalling these models, made in Brazil before July 2009, as the lubrication problems in the wheel bearings of some of the vehicles could lead to accidents.

"The rear wheels could lock if used continuously with insufficiently greased bearings. In extreme cases the wheel could work loose and potentially cause an accident," it said in a website release.

The company said the vehicles produced after July 2009 had no such defects.

Brazil is Volkswagen's third-largest market, with over 17 million vehicles sold in the country since launching operations there 50 years ago. Volkswagen is also the second-biggest carmaker in Brazil, after Italian group Fiat.

Volkswagen's move follows larger-scale recalls by Japanese automakers Toyota (See: Toyota recalls another 2.3 million vehicles)