Volkswagen commercial vehicles to introduce show car at IAA International Auto Show

Mumbai: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will put the spotlight on a show car -  its innovative pickup in the 1-ton class, at this year's IAA International Auto Show in Hanover from 25 September to 2 October. The concept provides an outlook on the manufacturer's fourth model series. Stephan Schaller, spokesman for the management board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, gave a preview showing of the new model before some 700 guests attending the IAA Welcome Night at Hanover airport.
The first pickup of its kind manufactured by a European mass-volume carmaker is expected to set new standards in its segment. The main markets for the future series will be South America, South Africa and Australia. Because of their versatility, pickups are one of the most popular types of automobile for recreational and commercial purposes in these regions.

Production of the new pickup at Volkswagen's Argentine plant in Pacheco is due to get under way in the autumn of 2009.
The show car, 5.18 metres long, was developed from scratch, according to Volkswagen. Its design features elements universally typical for the brand. The uncompromising horizontal design of the radiator grille, with its integrated VW sign, and headlamps which have been incorporated into the contours of the grille convey a premium quality and give the front section, with a width of 1.9 metres, a formidable yet pleasing look. The pickup also gets top marks for being accommodatingly wide at the rear. Unlike its direct competitors, this pickup offers a cargo area with enough room to easily transport a euro-pallet even if it is loaded crossways.
The rescue-vehicle version of the show car is fitted with state-of-the-art rescue equipment which includes exterior fittings as well as fittings in its ultra-modern, highly robust interior compartment.