Vodafone may face class action for poor service in Australia

Telecom major Vodafone could potentially be slapped a class action lawsuit in Australia, if customers, disgruntled with the poor service offered by the telco, have their way.

Sydney law firm Piper Alderman is calling on such customers to move a class action lawsuit against the company over dropped calls, reception issues and poor data performance.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the matter it is already investigating the matter.

The company initially claimed software bugs were responsible for the issues and argued that it would be sorted out. It denied any serious problem with its network.

Vodafone customers then interacted over social media and sites like Vodafail.com, which ultimately led to the telco admitting to some of the outstanding issues.

However, customers who called its customer care line were placed on hold for hours together and then asked to fill out long, laborious forms.