UB plans to introduce Whyte & Mackay brands by Diwali

New Delhi: United Breweries has unveiled plans to launch a slew of new products, including brands from the newly-acquired Whyte & Mackay (W&M) stable, to strengthen its share in the Indian alcoholic beverage market.

According to UB Group chairman Vijay Mallya, the company plans to launch brands from the Whyte and Mackay portfolio, which include Dalomore and Isle of Jura, leveraging the acquisition of the Scottish distiller.

UB Group views the acquisition as a strategic one that will enable it to establish an international presence, while simultaneously benefiting W&M's products through the distribution network of UB in India.

UB also intends to launch a new range called 'Poison' and powered with rum and vodka, to be called 'Poison' and targeted at youth. It also plans to introduce a 'Kingfisher Ultra' beer. The personality of the 'Poison' brand will be youthful, daring and controversial, using the power of rum and vodka to create its brand personality.

The new beer brand is envisioned as a fitting reply to international brands like Budweiser and Carlsburg.