SmartBox in shortnews
20 June 2003
  Windows CE 3.0 RTOS-based
  Configurable architecture, allowing run-time addition/removal of application components.
Concurrent execution of multiple control applications.
Execution of MPC, fuzzy logic or other complex, custom-built algorithms.
Built-in web server enabling programming and execution of remote diagnostics and up/downloading of application components.
Open DCOM interfaces make functionality transparent and information exchange between SmartBox and high-level applications possible.
Allows control applications to communicate, transact and collaborate over a network to create a distributed computing environment.
Built-in RAD framework.
PCI open standards.
Network- and protocol-independence allows communication with any hardware device configured to OEM specification.
Hardware-independent architecture.
Application-builder GUI debugs applications.
Built-in selectable OPC client option.

233 MHz Pentium board
Windows CE 3.0
2 PCI communication card slots
64 MB flash memory
On-board Ethernet port

Plant-wide control and optimisation
Replacing PC-based control applications
Connecting plant systems to enterprise applications
Control and monitoring of complex plant equipment
Distributed control applications
Robotics and precision engineering

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