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Telco has a large car in storenews
05 January 2000

Truck and car maker Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company is planning a splash at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, with a display of at least two new car models it is planning and upgrades of almost all its existing passenger car models. The company made waves in end-1998 with the launch of its Indica small car. A surprise item will be a larger car the company has developed. This vehicle, according to Telco insiders, will compete in the mid-size luxury segment – in terms of price as well as quality, it is reported.

The car will be a 4-cylinder, 2-litre, 132-horsepower engine vehicle with contemporary styling and design, and will incorporate features that usually go with a luxury car. It has a multi-point fuel injection system, capability to touch 100 km per hour in just 13 seconds and a maximum speed of 195 km per hour. It will be bigger and roomier than most of the new generation mid-size vehicles – including the Accent and the Ikon.

The vehicle will be competitively priced. Telco will fully exploit its modern manufacturing facilities and its the high levels of indigenisation it has been able to attain while developing the Indica. Now for the catch. The vehicle is unlikely to be in the market before late 2001.

Besides the large car, Telco has just completed work on a two-door small car, which it defines as a concept car developed on the Indica platform. This vehicle is also expected to be on display at the expo. Then there will be upgraded versions of its Sumo, Safari and Sierra as also the Eur-compliant versions of the diesel and petrol Indica.

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Telco has a large car in store