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Tata Honeywell puts dealer business online by launching iStore news
Our Corporate Bureau
19 August 2004

Mumbai: Tata Honeywell, a leader in integrated automation and software solutions has adopted the electronic way of doing business by introducing iStore, a webstore for its dealers.

Through iStore, dealers of Tata Honeywell across the country would be able to order from a range of Tata Honeywell's control, sensing and control, home and building control and flameSafe guard line of products, anywhere and anytime. At the same time, the solution would allow them to track their order, shipment details and payment invoice, etc., at much reduced cost in a transparent and convenient way.

"The key benefits of iStore is that it take less time in order processing, shortens the communication process, and most importantly increases customer satisfaction," said Vinayak Deshpande, managing director, Tata Honeywell. "The whole process of ordering has become simpler. We are quite excited at the launch of the iStore and soon we plan to offer our entire range of products through the web."

"The iStore is absolutely fabulous. This will totally eliminate our follow-up costs and time to know the status of orders. Further it's wonderful to know that our orders would be processed in the shortest possible time now," said Rajeev Barve, partner at Innovative Engineers, a channel partner of Tata Honeywell. "The experience of using the iStore was simply great. We could connect instantly and that too at the same speed. We look forward to having more of such innovative technology solutions from Tata Honeywell in day's to come."

Stringent security measures have been taken while implementing the iStore. It is ensured that only valid users can enter and shop in the webstore. A Web server is installed to protect the database and application server. Various security audits have been conducted to ensure network security.

Tata Honeywell has also invested in firewall system to ensure internal security. Now with the growing trend of customers being on the move it is convenience that is catching on. The whole system is developed, implemented and supported by the internal team of Tata Honeywell comprising of Information Technology and Systems people and the business unit representatives on the Oracle iStore module.

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Tata Honeywell puts dealer business online by launching iStore