Toyota and Audubon announce conservation programme

Mumbai: Japanese automaker Toyota and the National Audubon Society have announced the launch of TogetherGreen, a nationwide programme that aims to significantly benefit the environment by funding conservation projects, training environmental leaders and offering volunteer opportunities.Toyota will grant $20 million to fund TogetherGreen's conservation programme.

TogetherGreen will focus on three main components such as the innovation grants, which will help fund up to 60 on-the-ground projects each year to conserve land, water and energy. Conservation fellowships will train and promote up to 40 promising environmental leaders who can effect future conservation action. The third component, volunteer days will be offered at Audubon centres and other locations nationwide, providing hands-on opportunities to address environmental problems and take part in restoration activities.
Audubon has more than 100 years of success in conservation programmes including connecting Americans to nature and helping them protect the habitat we share with all living things. it deals with issues involving protection of international migratory birds and their habitats to reducing the enormous threat of global warming.

Audubon provides unique opportunities for inner-city children and their families to learn about the environment through exciting hands-on involvement. In support of Audubon Nature Centres, Toyota has established the Toyota Endowment Fund for environmental education in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, providing a $1 million grant each in both places.

Toyota has been committed to environmental  protection. The companysupports numerous organisations across the country, focusing on education, the environment and safety. In 2007, Toyota contributed more than $56 million to philanthropic programmes in the US. The company has set up the Global Earth Charter, to promote environmental responsibility for every aspect of the company and significantly reduce the impact its vehicles have on the planet.