Tata Motors launches all-electric small commercial vehicle Ace

Tata Motors has launched an all-electric version of the Ace small commercial vehicle (SCV). The Tata Ace EV has a cargo volume of 208 cubic feet and can cover 154 km on a single charge.

The new Ace EV, India’s most advanced, zero-emission, four-wheel small commercial vehicle (SCV), is a green and smart transport solution ready to serve a wide variety of intra-city applications. 
“E-mobility is an idea whose time has come. At Tata Motors, we are moving with speed and scale to lead this change – in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and Jaguar Land Rover. I am delighted today that with the launch of the Ace EV, we are entering a new era of e-cargo mobility. Tata Ace is India’s most successful commercial vehicle ever. It has revolutionised transportation and created millions of successful entrepreneurs over the years. It will further build on this legacy by providing a technologically-advanced, clean and smart mobility solution. I am excited about the electrification of commercial vehicles,” N Chandrasekaran, chairman, Tata Sons and Tata Motors, said while launching the Ace EV.
The new Ace EV has been co-developed in collaboration with users and supported by a diligently curated ecosystem. In addition to addressing the core need of timely cost-effective and efficient last-mile deliveries, the Ace EV also serves the future commitment and aspirations of its conscientious customers to achieve net zero carbon footprint. 
The Ace EV is based on Tata's EVOGEN platform and is powered by a single electric motor that generates 36 BHP and 130 Nm.
The Ace EV comes with a lightweight container that can tackle grades of up to 22 per cent under fully loaded conditions.
Tata has also announced the signing of memoranda of understanding (MoU) with Amazon, BigBasket, City Link, DOT, Flipkart, LetsTransport, MoEVing and Yelo EV to deliver 39,000 Ace EVs. The company will also set up dedicated EV support centres and deploy the 'Tata Fleet Edge' fleet management solution.
“The introduction of the Ace EV marks a major milestone in our journey to deliver zero-emission cargo mobility in India. Building on our experience and success with electric buses, we have designed use-case specific EV solutions for intra-city distribution. These solutions effectively cater to the application needs and deliver a superior value proposition to all stakeholders. We are much encouraged with the support and response received from our e-commerce customers, with whom we begin this journey of zero-emission cargo mobility,” Girish Wagh, executive director, Tata Motors, said.