Tata Motors' Tigor EVs based on Tiago platform

The Tigor, which was introduced by the company back in March this year, is based on the same platform as the Tata Tiago but with the addition of a boot. The petrol and diesel versions of the car are priced between Rs4.65 lakh and Rs7.09 lakh. The prices for e-Tigor are expected to be lower when the car is released in the market.

Tata Motors had reportedly quoted a price of Rs10.16 lakh for every unit of Tata Tigor EV to the government, excluding GST. Factoring in GST takes the final price of the vehicle to over Rs11 lakh.

''As we work together to build the future of e-mobility, I am confident that our customers will respond very favourably to this electric model,'' Chandrasekaran said.

The first batch of Tata Tigor EVs is part of the 350 cars under the first phase of the order for 10,000 electric sedans placed by EESL earlier this year (See: Tata Motors rolls out first batch of Tigor EVs from Sanand plant). The letter of agreement for 100 more units is in the pipeline and will soon be issued by EESL, the company said in a statement.

Tata Motors became the L1 bidder (lowest bidder) for the EESL order of 10,000 electric cars, outbidding Mahindra & Mahindra by Rs 2.3 lakh. However, Mahindra, the only manufacturer of electric cars in India at present, was later given the option to match Tata Motors' price and accordingly chose to sell 150 e-Veritos to EESL.

Tata motors will supply the bulk of the order to the government of India over the next two years. The toughest competition for the Tata Tigor EV in the market will also be from the Mahindra eVerito.

The EESL had placed the order in October, which mandated supply on or before 30 November, but was later postponed to December-end.

This is part of the government plan to own a completely electric fleet by 2030 in order to cut oil imports as well as emission levels. This means that the electric Tata Tigor will be available for government use only for the time being. The e-Tigor version for the Indian markets may be unveiled in the Auto Expo 2018 next year.

"As we work together to build the future of e- mobility, I am confident that our customers will respond very favourably to this electric model," Chandrasekaran said at the event.

The electric engine on Tata Tigor EV is capable of 39.95 hp, a bit more docile than the 113 hp seen on the Tata Tiago EV. Tata Motors has developed the electric powertrain on the Tigor EV with Electra EV, a firm which deals with every aspect of electric mobility solutions.

Reports suggest that Tata and Electra are working for an electric powertrain for the Tata Nano which will be launched for cab fleets later.