Tesla to cut the low end of its luxury Model S line up

Tesla is scrapping production of the low-end of its luxury Model S line up months ahead of the planned introduction of the less expensive Model 3.

The price of the electric-powered Model S sedan ranged from $64,000 to $128,000. The higher priced cars came with higher priced battery packs. The 60 and 60D versions that would be discontinued had a stated range of 210-218 miles before a recharge became necessary.

According to Tesla, it was dropping them ''to simplify the order process.'' The models were also not  selling well, the company added. The models would be orderable only until 16 April.

According to commentators, the move might also be driven by marketing considerations might also be behind Tesla wanting to discontinue sales of 60 and 60D. They could compete with the Model 3, a mass-market car with a base price expected below $40,000. According to some analysts, full-option versions would top $50,000, and that most early adopters would want their cars loaded.

 ''In that environment, it wouldn't make sense to have another, more upscale Tesla model priced just $10,000 above the Model 3's average transaction price,'' said Karl Brauer at Kelley Blue Book.

Meanwhile, a new video doing the rounds on Reddit showcased a quick thinking Model X driver use the vehicle's instant torque to narrowly avoid a serious rear-end collision in stop-and-go traffic.

The video showed the white Model X white located on the lane to the right of the car that filmed the incident.

The video showed an SUV rear-end a black car, said to be a Nissan, run into another black car (a BMW), which then accelerated towards the white Model X.

The Model X driver reacting in a flash, managed to push hard on gas and accelerate forward, out of harm's way.