Jaguar to recall 17,678 X-type cars over cruise control problem

UK-based luxury car maker Jaguar is recalling 17,678 X-type cars due to a cruise-control problem.

The problem affects diesel-engine X-type models produced between 2006 and 2010, which affects around 5 per cent of the total X-type X-type production.

The Coventry-based carmaker told its customers that the recall concerns the cruise control, which may not respond under certain circumstances in the normal manner, but turning the ignition off will cancel the cruise control function.

Jaguar, which no longer makes the X-type, having stopped production in 2009, said that the problem did not come to its notice through any complaints from owners, but from an employee of the company.

A total of 17,678 Jaguar cars in the UK are involved in the recall.

"No customer has been affected and there had been no accidents or injuries," the company said in a letter to its customers of the affected model.

Jaguar owners of the X-type cars will have to visit their dealer to rectify the problem that will be carried out free of charge, said the carmaker.

The X-type, which won AutoWeek's Editors Choice Award as the Most Significant Car at the Geneva Motor Show of 2001, are smallest of the Jaguar model range, with saloon and wagon variants, and was manufactured at Jaguar Halewood assembly facility near Liverpool.