JLR says new plant for low-emission engines to cost £355 million

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the British luxury automaker owned by Tata Motors, says the new low-emission car engine plant it is building in the UK would cost it £355 million (Rs2,662 crore).

The plant would be built at the enterprise zone i54 business park in Wolverhampton, central England, which would create up to 750 jobs and hundreds more indirectly in the supply chain.

The new plant is expected to be operational within the next two years.

JLR's chief executive Dr Ralf Speth said it was "truly exciting news" and "a major commitment for our company."

"We expect the engine manufacturing facility to create up to 750 highly-skilled engineering and manufacturing posts at Jaguar Land Rover, along with hundreds more highly-skilled manufacturing jobs in the supply chain and the wider UK economy, he added.

Without releasing any technical details or engines for the which models the plant would make, JLR said that the new four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines would increase its capability to offer high-performance engines while ensuring significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.